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Good time with a chill girl

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25 yo black male seeking to hang out with someone as friends and see where it goes. You; single orwhite, good job or retired (I will not support you, I'm not your mom. I'm on mandatory non-paid vacation so I've got a gurl of free time. :) Looking for someone to chat and get to know me, then meet.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: Search Real Swingers
City: Singleton
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Looking For Long Term Relationship.

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In fact, she prefers it!

Good time with a chill girl Now, here's the deal: I'm lazy and, to be honest, not a huge fan of confrontation or any sort of super aggressive behavior. For every wild story about her wild antics that the crazy girl has to share, the chill girl will have just as many of the awkward situations that her passive-to-a-fault behavior has gotten her into.

Because real, honest, normal social interactions don't work so well when one of the parties is too chill to make them happen.

If that part never happens, you can imagine how things get awkward. Or how about when you were too chill to remember to respond to your friend's text, and she thought you were mad at her? OR the x time you decided you were chill enough to drink with the boys -- but then remembered Good time with a chill girl hard way that you are, in fact, a pound girl?!

But now it's been a year, and he's over it, and it's just so awkward you can't even handle it. By Candice Jalili.

You get the picture. Being chill is awkward.

Don't believe me? Read for yourself. When you tried to shotgun the beer When you found yourself hanging with your ex and Gooe new girlfriend When you went to absurd lengths to prove to the guy you liked that you had no feelings for him When you tried to take the massive Good time with a chill girl rip She is for sure a chill girl.

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