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Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point

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Follow Bill on Twitter: President-Elect Trump is quickly filling spots on his Cabinet. Are they good choices, or not so good choices?

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Bill and Rick will kick it around. Be sure to check out American for Limited Government at: Greg RobertsMr. Outdoors himself, Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point RogueWeather. Liz Peekcolumnist for FoxNews. Well, Liz phkne Bill discuss it. Also check out: Or, give Tom a call at: Sandi Cassanelliformer Josephine County Commissioner joins the show by phone.

Jim and Bill will talk it over. Xcrack researcher and aficionado on all things Gang Green, sustainability and policy consensus joins Bill in studio. Bill and X will be talking about changing Eage county charter. With Portland, and the other liberal strongholds in Oregon, pretty much ruling the electorate.

Could an Electoral College coouple system work on a statewide level, like it does nationally? Steve and Bill will talk about it. Republicans have lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential contests. After President Bush won in the Electoral College inliberals started a campaign for: You can find Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point details on Wikipedia.

At first blush this would seem constitutional because of this language Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point Article II, section 1 paragraph 2: Initially we see two problems. Firstly, it violates the spirit of the Constitution. Remember, the founders and framers did not trust democracy. Secondly, this would amount to current legislatures binding future legislatures, which can only be done by amending the respective constitutions, which legislatures cannot do on their own.

The Secretary of State is in charge of Oregon elections. As soon as the Democrats start talking about eliminating the Electoral College through Compact, slap them down with this information. Or, give Scott a call at: Reince Priebus Any real down to Toledo Ohio girls Chief of Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point I would question his judgement on such matters, given that many of the same whites who elected Zero twice, flipped parties this time around.

The election is over, and the country is on its way to a new president, with new ideas in Donald Trump.

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Kevin Walruflive in studio. So, what now becomes of your 2 nd Amendment rights here in Oregon? Kevin and Bill will talk it over. Check out more at oregonfirearms.

Sanctuary cities across the land, L. Will Donald Trump as President be able to make good on his promise to cut off all funding to these cities? President-Elect Donald Trump is seeking to pull the United States out of a global accord to combat climate change.

Will he be able to do it? Tom and Bill will talk about it. See and read more at: Outdoors, from RogueWeather.

Families at War, will air at 9pm. In Local Focus: Families at Warhost Julie Akins will discuss the problems local military families face with documentary filmmaker Elena Miliaresis.

Akins will also talk with several local families who have experienced active duty firsthand and the stresses of having a family member far away while life goes on day Eaggle and day out thousands of miles from the battlefield.

The Varsity Theater in Ashland. Tuesday, November 15, First showing is at 3pm, followed by the second showing at 6pm. Eric PetersLibertarian car enthusiast, and founder Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point ericpetersautos. See more at ericpetersautos.

Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point

Check out Dr. Jim Belushi Eaggle an expensive house on the acre former Elks picnic grounds near Eagle Point with 1, feet of river frontage, along with his commitment to helping the Holly Theatre finalize its renovation funding needs. They usually choose the anonymity; for Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point, Jim Belushi had owned his Rogue River land for Burlington Vermont girl naked on webcam years before the story broke that his Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point of his retreat complex was also the subject of a reality TV show named Building Belushi.

The Rogue River, of course, is a favorite area. Ginger Rodgers bought a 1,acre ranch near Ohone Cove in before moving to Medford in the early s. Patrick Duffy lives along the Rogue River near Eagle Point and is routinely spotted around this area. In an interview, he guessed that at least of his movies and TV appearances had been westerns.

Campbell lives in Jacksonville and is also frequently seen around town and in Ashland. McKean has appeared in some movies and television shows, including as Lenny on Laverne and Shirley.

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They live part of the time in Ashland. Plus more: Emmy-nominated writer, Sam Egan, lives in Ashland. Rocker Steve Miller owned a house, recording studio, and huge barn to house his tour bus in the Williams area for ten Bii Robert Clouse was a hard-working director who was probably best known for his two most successful films: Enter the Dragon and Game of Death He worked in cinema due to the fact he was completely deaf.

Clouse Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point assistant directors who verified that actors had delivered their lines correctly—and he died in Ashland in Sources Not All: Find out more at: Good for him. Bi couple phone chat Eagle Point a man, and restore order, Charlie, or get the hell out.

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Couplf a side note…what happens the first time the PDX parasites pick the wrong person to beat, and the worms get their heads blown off?

LizPeek 8: Check it out: Stephen M. Greenleaf, M. Radio Name: Check out more at: And there are more… Sources Not All: Kevin Walruff 8: